Agents, advisors and office and support staff can now register for the Registered Critical Insurance Specialist course.

Announced at the 6th World CI Conference in Montreal, RCIS© is an intensive educational course and professional designation planned and developed over the last half-decade to raise awareness of Critical Illness Insurance and educate those interested in selling Critical Illness Insurance products.

The RCIS© course and professional designation is available to all agents, brokers and support staff. Designed to address the current lack of critical insurance sales training and product-specific information, RCIS© designates will learn about CI products; how to market CI products; and how to increase sales while better meeting client needs.

The RCIS© certification course was designed to enhance marketing, product knowledge, client service and sales skills and to stimulate individual and company CI sales production.

The RCIS© designation is intensive, comprehensive, current and essential for companies and individuals looking to improve their CI sales and service abilities.

RCIS© course curriculum includes:

  • Sales and marketing plans from CI authorities
  • CI underwriting and actuarial information
  • Seminar selling and public speaking instruction
  • Instruction on group sales, one-on-one sales and selling CI to businesses
  • Best practices overview and guidance for practice management
  • Instruction on incorporating CI into health and welfare trusts

RCIS© is outcome focused:

  • Educational and knowledge components are built to allow individual agents, brokers and advisors to increase their income and provide greater coverage for their clients.
  • Results oriented – 20 per cent of the RCIS© course mark is attached to implementing and tracking the sales techniques taught in the RCIS© course material.
  • RCIS© course and examination material is comprehensive, providing development material for every aspect of CI product marketing, sales and client management.
  • Course material includes easy-to-understand, well-written, expertly structured resources which address almost every client need.
  • RCIS© course learning material and curriculum is transferable to all types of financial planning and insurance sales.